Wow & how to help

The series Raised Wild continues in the US – the Monkey Boy of Uganda and Dog Girl of Ukraine have premiered. On Friday 30th it’s the story of the Bird Boy of Fiji.

These Fijian kids came to find out why we were filming in their village.

Thank you for the fantastic response and thought-provoking messages. I’ve been particularly touched by folks asking how they can support the work of the teachers and guardians I meet in the shows. I’ve posted up a page on this site – Help Them, that lays out the links to some of the organisations. But also think about supporting local charities who work with traumatised, vulnerable and abused kids. These things happen close to home, too. Tragic but true.

7 thoughts on “Wow & how to help

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  2. Conal Zimmerman

    Just recently, 3/25/2014, Animal Planet, a unit of the Discovery Group in the USA aired several programs of the “Raised Wild” series. I was overwhelmed by the breadth and depth of your studies and career. I was also quite disturbed by the meat-axe editing of (presumably) “Discovery”! Obviously there was a need to create additional advertising time and the ‘Dumbing Down’ so prevalent here in the states. You deserve better.

    OldTimer in Florida

  3. Philippe

    Hello dear Mary Ann Ochota,

    I am probably not the first person to say it but I have tried to visit your website and the page is blank.

    I hope you will see my reply here, as a means to contact you.

    I have just stumbled upon your site some minutes ago so I can’t say much yet.
    What I have quickly seen looks very interesting.

    I am not unfamiliar with the topic of feral children, actually I know it fairly well.

    I precisely discovered your site by first typing ” feral children ” in the Google search engine.

    I would have a question : you are not the site under a new name and with an updated version ?
    I don’t think you are.
    Some years ago I used to visit this website until it suddenly disappeared in about 2011 I believe.

    Since you also are in the matter of feral children you necessarily know this site.
    Would you by any chance have the means to retrieve the content of this site although the website has disappeared ?
    In one form or another ?
    Electronic documents, PDF, material sheets of paper ?

    Best Regards


  4. Sarah Emily Beattie

    I just watched the episode ‘Bird Boy of Fiji’. I work with developmentally disabled people and I am an occupational therapy student but have also studied psychology, sociology and anthropology. I find this subject very interesting. However, it seems to me that this show has presented itself as a legitimate look at a feral human phenomenon but is sensationalist. This boy has a seizure disorder which commonly causes major brain damage and developmental delays and disability. He didn’t only have this behavior as a result of being left which chickens but also because his normal development of human behavior is stunted as a result of his neurology. The show doesn’t include this information, implying he is wild due to his upbringing. A person with normal development would not have adapted by imitating the animal behavior. Not including this information is misleading to the public. While I appreciated the interesting subject matter, the whole and true picture was not depicted. Why repeat the sin of misrepresenting the situation, perpetuating misconception?

    1. justdeb

      I found it very disturbing that even after the host of the show continued to call him the “Bird Boy of Fiji” even after she learned his true identity. Someone who was truly concerned about his welfare wouldn’t have objectified him like that!


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