Talk at your school or college

Feral Children are an intriguing, disturbing and moving subject, and their stories never fail to capture the imagination.

Especially for children and young adults, this is a topic that triggers debate and critical thinking about serious issues in an immediate and personal way.

What does it mean to be human? How can humans and animals interact? How do children develop? How should we treat people different to ourselves?

Using video footage and stills to explore ideas and trigger discussion, it’ll be an interactive and engaging session for all of us!

KS3 & 4: English, PSHEE and Citizenship

Rich video material and case studies to help us explore the themes, and begin compelling and far-reaching workshops and discussions.

–        What does it mean to be human?

–        How do human children learn to communicate?

–        What makes humans different to other animals?

–        the basics of socialisation

–        disability and discrimination

–        What is society for? How should we behave towards vulnerable people?

A-Level and A2: Sociology, Psychology, Media Studies and Anthropology

–        Case study material to explore early socialisation, elements of social psychology and child development.

–        Cross-cultural attitudes to disability, child-rearing and different attitudes and understandings of humans and animals

–        Making TV shows – developing, researching and presenting a documentary series

–        Anthropology in the media


Send me a message through the contact form at, ar @maryannochota on twitter and we can discuss your group’s requirements further!

I’m currently booking for Jan-Mar 2013, but I do have some slots for this year.

Mary-Ann and John Ssebunya in Uganda

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