Feral Children gets top ratings!

HI Folks,

Mary-Ann Ochota here. I wanted to thank you for the fantastic response to Feral Children, currently showing on Animal Planet.

The first ep last week is the seventh most-watched show in Animal Planet’s ratings history! Wow, and thanks!

The second episode went out on Monday, exploring the story of the ‘Dog Girl’ of Ukraine, and is set to do even better!

Ed Stagg interview BBC Midlands Radio

2 thoughts on “Feral Children gets top ratings!

  1. sandxxxx

    Your show is currently showing on DSTV , pay-tv in Africa & it gave me an insight on human excesses towards another human being. Keep up the good work & shame those who thought by deserting you , you woudn’t find your feet. You proved them wrong indeed.

  2. S. Ashby

    Hi, I have just watched this, amazing show and in some cases heartbreaking, I find it very hard to understand how people can be so cruel to fellow humanbeings in this day and age, especially their own flesh & blood. Thank you for a sensitively made, well thought out insight into human behaviour.


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