Criado los Animales Feral Children on TV now

Criado Los Animales ‘Raised by Animals’ is on the Discovery Latinoamerica network – the final episode, The Bird Boy of Fiji is on Wednesday, 11pm, Animal Planet.

Feral Children: the Bird Boy of Fiji

When police were called to an incident on Viti Levu, Fiji’s largest island, they were shocked by what they found – a small boy abandoned in the road, acting in a very disturbed way. He squawked, flapped his arms, and pecked the ground – he was acting like a bird. It was claimed that he’d been forced to live in a chicken coop.

Would a child ever recover from such an upbringing? And what happened to him once he was released?

Anthropologist Mary-Ann Ochota journeys to the South Pacific to discover whether this disturbing story is true, and with luck, meet the boy himself.

Following a lead, Mary-Ann meets a witness, Mr Singh. He describes living next door to a family who locked one of their children under the house in a 2ft dark space where they kept the chickens. “It took about a year”, Mr Singh describes, for the boy to stop acting normally and start acting wild, behaving like a chicken.

Mary-Ann searches for further evidence of this boy, and tracks his whereabouts to the outskirts of Suva, Fiji’s capital city. She discovers that being released from the chicken coop was not the end of his suffering, but the start. Piecing together the details of this disturbing story, Mary-Ann discovers where the boy is now and hopes to meet him for herself. 

1 thought on “Criado los Animales Feral Children on TV now

  1. Adelia

    I have been watched Raise Wild in tv yesterday about an anthropologist who finds out about “Bird Boy” in Fiji. That was great adventure, searching for paths about the bird boy stories. The stories are amazing until she founds Sujit Kumar. Thanks Mary-Ann you r inspiring.


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