Feral Children on UK TV

Feral Children premieres on Animal Planet UK on Monday 24th September 2012 at 9pm!

The Monkey Boy of Uganda, 24th Sept, 21.00

In 1992 a young boy was discovered in the forests of Uganda. It was claimed that he’d been living wild with the monkeys, and that his time with the animals had profoundly changed him – he moved like a monkey, he would squat instead of stand, he would screech and chatter instead of speaking, and, most disturbingly of all, he was covered in hair.

How did a small child survive on his own in the wild? Could he really have been raised by monkeys?

Benedict Sebba describes the day he found the boy: His wife had been collecting firewood but returned, shaken and fearful of the ‘monster’ she had found. She thought that the creature was a dangerous forest spirit, and so did the neighbours. “People saw it, they wanted to kill it,” Benedict’s neighbours were appalled that he would bring a monster into the village. Clearly the boy had been physically and psychologically damaged by his time living feral.

Tracking down eye-witnesses and discovering the key sites, Mary-Ann pieces together this child’s extraordinary survival story, ultimately bringing her to the boy himself.

1 thought on “Feral Children on UK TV

  1. kindergeburtstag mannheimer swartling

    Der HIGH-MOVES Klettertreff – jeden Montag von 18:30 Uhr bis 21:30 Uhr.
    Die neu überarbeitete Ausstellung zeigt historische Hintergründe und gibt Einblicke in die aktuelle Forschung, wie
    etwa das Sonarsystem der Fledermaus als Vorbild für moderne Einparkhilfen dienen kann.
    Sollten Sie Interesse an meinen Arbeiten haben oder Informationen bzw.


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